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The template gallery contains all of the latest strategy diagrams which have been custom designed for use with SEnukeXCr. Each template serves its own purpose and focuses on groups of sites to build lots and lots of high PR links from. They will create many different hubs of links using different linking patterns. Some will be content based whilst others will be more useful for powering up and passing link juice through to your existing tiers.

These templates can be used to build links directly to your website but can also be used to build further layers of links to your existing links which point to your website. Using a variety of different templates is essential to produce natural linking patterns which are different to each other.

Xcr Template Gallery

SEnukeXCr X8 Strategy Templates

Boost your SEnukeXCr link building campaigns by using templates which create far more links than any standard 3 profile template.

The X8 strategy templates are extremely powerful when used correctly. They require every single element of your campaign to be extremely unique. It is also recommended to schedule any of the X8 templates over 30 days due to the volume of links they will create. You can also randomise the scheduling so that each module will last between 15 and 60 days for truly natural link growth.

The X8 templates will produce many more links than a standard 3 profile template with each single run. To illustrate the difference in the number of links built between a X8 template and a similar 3 profile template, let’s look at the X8 Social Network Nuke Template as an example opposite.


Currently there are 61 social network sites within SEnukeXCr. With 3 profiles and 1 link per post, this will create a maximum of:

61 sites X 3 profiles X 1 Link Per Post = 183 Links

So to get more out of each template, you have to increase either the number of profiles used or the links per post. So the same template with 8 profiles will produce the following:

61 sites X 8 profiles X 1 Link Per Post = 488 Links

X8 Profile Nuke

Building profile links will quickly increase the web popularity of your site.

The X8 Profile Nuke is a very quick and easy way of building multiple links from many different IP addresses without having to worry about the time consuming task of creating content. As the profile modules only require a target url, and target anchor text, there is very little effort needed to set one of these templates up. Perfect to be used with the new turbo wizard.

They are ideal for building lots and lots of tier 1 links which will dramatically increase the web popularity of your site, simply by gaining links from many different IP addresses which vary in PR value across forum and web 2.0 properties. This template will create a single layer of links to any url. Use with care on your money site as you will get a lot of links, which is why I only suggest using this on a 30 day schedule, unless you know better!

They can also be used to build tier 2 links to increase the popularity of your tier 1 links. But as these types of links do not revolve around content, they tend to be more difficult to get indexed. This is not the most effective template for building tier 2 links, or for getting your tier 1 links indexed, unless you have effective indexing processes in place to benefit from the extreme ranking power that these types of links can offer.

The web 2.0 profiles are sent automatically to the indexer on module completion, after the toolbox has removed any dead urls. The forum links are pinged daily after the toolbox has checked the day’s submissions for dead urls. Both processes will drip feed your links daily for crawling and indexing.

XCr X8 Profile Nuke - Click To View Larger Image XCr X8 Social Network Nuke V2 - Click To View Larger Image

X8 Social Network Nuke

Links from social network sites are the most powerful source of links.

The X8 Social Network Nuke provides the most powerful type of link available and should be primarily used as tier 1 links with extremely unique and relevant content. This becomes especially true if you ensure that your link is placed within the body of the content. This makes your one way link a contextual link, as it will be surrounded by content. The turbo wizard will do this for you automatically, randomising the position of the anchor text link.

The template will work perfectly with 3 profiles, especially since the social network module by default will re use the same account on each site for continuous re posting of content. Using 8 SN modules provides a greater variety of unique content to be re posted across 3 accounts on each SN site. All 8 SN modules have been seriously powered up with wiki, forum , web 2.0, article and bookmarking modules. All of which will run automatically after each SN module has completed its submissions. The toolbox will automatically remove any dead links before the next tier of links are created. Additional indexer and pinger modules have been added in where needed.

This is a very powerful way of creating contextual social network links which will get indexed very quickly. Use it with a single keyword and single url with 1 link per post for maximum power. Or diversify with many different urls and keyword combinations using 3 links per post to create more variety in your linking. Run for 30 days to ensure a longer period of continuous link growth.

X8 Bookmark Nuke

Social Bookmarking is a powerful way of getting your links indexed and adds social value.

The X8 Social Bookmarking Nuke is a very effective way of adding the social element to your site but can also be used effectively for indexing purposes on any of your non indexed links from any of your tiers. This template also has the indexer and rss modules built in which are both very effective for getting the bookmark urls indexed. These modules will only run after the toolbox has removed any dead urls.

If using it for indexing purposes, ensure that your titles and descriptions are extremely unique. Also use 3 links per post to generate more bookmarks at each account, especially if you have a large list of urls in your money site url list for links from different tiers. Using the turbo wizard with this template and 3 urls or more will set up a campaign with 3 links per post automatically, and 8 modules worth of spun unique content. Using the standard 3 profiles will ensure that the 8 modules of content is recycled across 3 accounts on all of the sites.

If using on your website directly, beware that some sites do block repeated submissions for the same url as many of these types of sites have a voting system instead for voting up urls which have already been submitted to their site.

XCr X8 Social Bookmarking Nuke - Click To View Larger Image

X8 Web 2.0 Profile Nuke

Automate the building and indexing of high PR tier 1 Web 2.0 profile links.

The X8 Web 2.0 Profile Nuke will create a 3 tier linking structure across high pr sites using web 2.0 profiles as the 1st tier, forum profiles as the 2nd tier and finally wiki sites as the 3rd tier. The toolbox will remove any dead urls before any new tier of links are created. The tier 1 links will be sent to the indexer automatically for indexing once the module has completed running.

This template is a powerful one to use with the turbo wizard using 3 profiles and should be used with the low quality content option for generating content for the tier 3 wiki links.

If you use this template on your existing tier 1 links, then it will be a very powerful automated way of indexing your tier 1 links, as well as powering them up to create a 3 tier link building structure for your money site. To save money, you should consider launching the campaign with no captcha solving, as it will create hundreds of accounts across the 3 different platforms.

It can also be used on any tier of links for your money site, as it will quickly build a further 3 tiers of high pr links on automation. You can control this by copying and pasting your target urls into the money site details of the turbo wizard.

XCr X8 Web 2.0 Profile Nuke - Click To View Larger Image

Download SEnukeXCr Templates

Best used for building links to existing tiers such as tier 1, tier 2, tier 3 etc etc

Very powerful for creating contextual tier 1 links.

The links need to be indexed to expect to see any results in ranking increase.

Can be used to create tier 2 links to build more powerful links to existing tier 1 links.

Use 1 link per post to maximise the link juice passed through each link.

Use 3 links per post if you wish to get a greater spread of links to different urls.

Use repeatedly with new content and different keywords with different urls.

Best used for indexing urls which are not indexed from any of your tiers.

Use 3 links per post to create a greater number of bookmarks at each site

Can be used with 3 profiles with the Turbo wizard with no further modifications.

Ideal for powering up existing tiers of links.

Can be used directly on your website but should be scheduled for 30 days.

Using 8 profiles and manually selecting one account per module will ensure a greater spread of links across all accounts.

SEnuke XCr: Download Now!
SEnuke XCr: Download Now!
SEnuke XCr: Download Now!
SEnuke XCr: Download Now!

X8 3 Tier Profile Nuke

Combination of forum profiles and web 2.0 profiles at tier 1 and tier 2 levels.

The X8 3 Tier Profile Nuke will build a single layer of both web 2.0 profiles and forum profiles providing greater ip diversity from a huge range of high pr sites. The toolbox will then clean out any dead urls at the tier 1 level and send them all to the indexer automatically. The second layer of links comprises of both forum and web 2.0 profiles linking to opposite modules, creating an alternating 2 tier linking structure. These are then cleaned for dead urls by the toolbox before having a final 3rd tier of wiki links built to them.

When using this template with 3 profiles, it will create a very complex interlinking structure as each account will be used repeatedly when building all 3 tiers. Only the first tier of links are sent to the indexer giving the tier 1 links priority over indexing. The 2nd tier is powered up by wiki links which should have unique content used to help with natural indexing. The low quality content option within the turbo wizard is sufficient for the 3rd tier of links, although using Article Builder will produce far better results in indexing.

You can manually add an extra 5 profiles and manually select one account per module which will ensure that each account is only used once when building each tier of links. This will create a less complex linking structure, but will also provide more links when using 8 accounts. You can also control the number of links used by changing the links per post between 1 and 3.

XCr X8 3 Tier Profile Nuke - Click To View Larger Image

Can be used with the turbo wizard for quick campaign set up with no extra modifications.

For more links, use 8 account profiles and 3 links per post

Perfect for powering up tiers of links in volume

SEnuke XCr: Download Now!

Use 3 account profiles to create a very complex interlinking structure.

Use 8 account profiles to increase the number of links spread across more locations.

With 8 profiles, manually select a single account for each module to avoid recycling accounts.

8 account profiles will create more links. 3 account profiles will recycle each profile across the 8 modules.

Use with 8 profiles to create more accounts on each site where your link can be placed.

Use without captcha solving to save money.

Use without captcha solving to save money.

Effective for achieving anchor text diversity and IP diversity.

Use lots of different keywords as anchor text to avoid over optimisation penalties.

X8 5 Tier Profile Nuke

Building more tiers means passing even more link juice through to your links and website.

The X8 5 Tier Profile Nuke is designed to automate the building of 5 tiers using predominantly forum profiles and web 2.0 profiles. The tier 1 and tier 4 profile links are sent to the indexer after having any dead links removed via the toolbox and are also powered up with wiki links. The tier 2 and tier 3 links are pinged and bookmarked automatically sending the bookmark rss urls to the rss module to help with indexing.

This template is designed specifically for use with 8 accounts as there are 8 modules of each type of link. One account should be used with each module with corresponding account profile numbers matching the module numbers, 1 to 8.

This is a very powerful way of building 5 tiers of links direct to your website or even to a list of existing urls which you need to power up and make more popular. Due to the high volume of links the campaign will create at the tier 1 level, it is highly recommended to run it over 30 days with a huge diverse range of keywords as your anchor text.

Using the standard 3 profiles and setting up the campaign via the turbo wizard is the quickest way to create the initial campaign. It can be left with 3 profiles with no further modifications, which will ensure that all accounts are reused across all 5 tiers of links. This will create a far more complex interlinking structure, but will also create less links compared to using 8 account profiles.

XCr X8 5 Tier Profile Nuke - Click To View Larger Image

For quick campaign set up, use the turbo wizard.

Use 8 account profiles to generate more links.

Quickly create an additional 5 tiers of links to your website or existing tiers.

SEnuke XCr: Download Now!

Use without captcha solving to save money.

Perfect for achieving anchor text diversity and IP diversity within a single campaign

X4 2 Tier Pyramid Nuke

A Pyramid Nuke which builds more links at the outer tier levels to help get the first tier indexed.

The X4 2 Tier Pyramid Nuke uses a combination of forum profiles, web 2.0 profiles and wiki sites across 2 tiers to create a real mixture of profile and content based links. These modules contain the greatest number of sites within the software and will also create the greatest number of links, even when captcha solving is disabled.

The first tier uses 3 modules whilst the second tier uses 9 modules creating the pyramid effect of having a greater number of links at the tier 2 level. Once the dead links have been removed by the toolbox function, the tier 2 wiki links and web 2.0 profile links will be sent to the indexer for indexing. The tier 2 forum profiles will be pinged automatically.

Although the template uses 4 modules of each type of link source, it can still be used with the standard 3 profiles which will result in some of the accounts being recycled, creating a much more complex interlinking structure of links across both tiers.

This template is best used to point to your existing tiers of links, to power them up and make them appear to be more popular than they actually are. This will create an additional 2 tiers of links which will themselves get indexed very quickly with the help of the built in indexer.

XCr X4 2 Tier Pyramid Nuke - Click To View Larger Image

For quick campaign set up, use the turbo wizard with 3 account profiles.

Use 4 account profiles to generate more links.

Ideal for powering up existing tiers of links but can be used on the money site directly.

SEnuke XCr: Download Now!

Perfect for use without paying for captcha solving.

Download SEnukeXCr Campaign Files