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On Page Vs Off Page

Which is more important to focus on? On Page SEO or Off Page SEO?

The simple answer is both! By carefully placing your target keyword in the correct places within the page of your site will cover about 20% of the entire SEO process. The off page SEO elements will cover the remaining 80%. So thinking about this, it is clear that you should be spending most of your time with the off page elements, which is all about building new links from new websites. The process of off page SEO is ongoing and should be planned to last between a minimum of 3 months to up to a year. Although the ranking results will come quicker, but this will depend on the level of competition for your target keyword, as well as how well you plan and implement your link building campaigns. This can all be made much simpler and quicker when using the right SEO Tools and Software to automate some very repetitive tasks.

If you only focus on getting the on page SEO elements right and decide to carry out no off page SEO, then it is very unlikely that you’ll see any visitor traffic coming to your site. As you will have no incoming links from other websites, your site will be seen to have no web popularity, authority and trust. As a result, your site will not appear in the top 10 results of a search query and likely receive little to no customer traffic.

On Page SEO Focus

As off page SEO holds about 80% weighting of the entire SEO process, it is possible to rank for your target keyword without the entire on page SEO process being completed. You will see examples of this if you analyse the top 10 competing sites for your target keyword. Sites like Wikipedia and Amazon are notorious for appearing in top 10 results when the search engine fails to find a more relevant page for a particular keyword search. This is only possible when you have a lot of links going to your site as these sites have considerable authority and trust with the search engines.

Off Page SEO Focus

The best SEO results will be seen when both the on page and off page elements have been focused on. The combination of both will produce far better results much more quickly. Simply because the target keyword has been placed in the correct places, the search engines will deem your web page to be more relevant to that target keyword. Especially if your target keyword is found in the right places on your web page, as well as in the right places off your pages: inside the anchor text of your incoming links.

Best SEO Results

SEO is like a jigsaw puzzle. Identify the individual pieces and figure out how they all fit together.

If you think about the process you would follow with a jigsaw puzzle, you would start by first understanding all of the different pieces and then work out how they best fitted all together until you completed the entire puzzle. SEO is no different. Your first step is to understand the on page and off page SEO elements which are worth focusing on. Then you just simply put these pieces together to complete the entire SEO picture.

As your knowledge and experience of SEO increases with time, so will the number of your missing pieces. It is unlikely that you will find all of the missing pieces and it is also unlikely that anyone ever will, simply because the details of Google's algorithm are always changing and are kept very secret. However, you will know enough about the missing pieces and how they fit together from simply reading the information on this website. These pieces alone are more than sufficient to achieve number one rankings in Google., Just so long as you take the necessary action of researching your keywords correctly, building your new website using the on page SEO elements, and then finally launch your link building campaigns focusing on all of the off page SEO elements using a series of Powerful SEO Tools.

On Page Or Off Page?