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Off page SEO is complicated enough. Which techniques should you be focusing on?

Google has over 200 ranking factors within its algorithm with some factors carrying more value than others. It is not necessary to focus on all of them as ensuring the most valuable ranking factors become a part of your off page SEO strategy will ensure you achieve the rankings you expect. The most important element of off page SEO is links and more importantly, the link relationships between other sites on the web and your own. This can be broken down even further by looking at the many different types of links that are in use. For example, reciprocal links, one way links, three way links, contextual links, comment links, social bookmarking links and article directory links. The list is quite long and no doubt there will be types of links available that I have not mentioned here.

The keywords which are used by other websites to point or link to your site is referred to as the anchor text. Ensuring your target keywords are in the anchor text of these links is very important in ranking for them. But ensuring that you have variety in your anchor text is even more important as this will make the back linking structure of your site look far more natural.

Diverse Anchor Text

Web popularity is measured in a number of different ways. The number of different sites which link to you is one indication of how popular your website is. By focusing on gaining links from different sources, especially websites with different IP addresses, will be a very quick and powerful way to increase your web popularity and hence your search engine rankings.

Diverse IP Addresses

When you start to run link building campaigns for your website, it is very important to ensure that you continue to build new links. The continuity of new links appearing for your site is also a ranking factor and as long as new links continue to appear each day, your web site popularity will be seen to be growing, and hence your rankings will also continue to increase.

Continuity Of Links

Variety Is The Key

Getting different types of links from different types of sites is the key to success with SEO.

A few years ago, reciprocal links held considerable value, and that was the way to go when ranking your site was concerned. Things have changed a lot with more focus being given to social media, social networks and blogs. The most powerful type of link to go after currently are one way links as reciprocal links no longer hold the same value as they used to. When these links come from blogs with your anchor text placed within the body of the content, then these contextual one way links from blogs become the most powerful type of link available. But simply focusing on these links alone will not necessarily produce the desired results in ranking. The key to higher rankings is to ensure that you have variety in your anchor text, variety in your types of links as well as variety in your link sources in terms of different referring domains with different IP addresses.

It should also be noted that keeping things looking natural is very important. So make sure that there is continuity in your link building as well as keeping the link velocity of new links for your site steady. This can be achieved by using many different SEO Tools which have built in schedulers. This allows you to spread submissions over a period of weeks and months. My favourite of which is GSA Search Engine Ranker which is used to schedule individual campaigns, building links from a huge variety of different platforms across multiple tiers at lightning speed. This tool alone will create links from thousands of different IP addresses, all on a schedule which can be easily controlled.

The final vital step will be to ensure that all of your new links are indexed by Google as only indexed links will increase your rankings.

The speed at which your new links grow and are found by the search engine is also another ranking factor. Although there are no set limits, just be sure to continue to build new links at the same rate at which you started.  

Link Velocity

The quality of your link also plays a very important role. There are 2 aspects to be concerned about when I refer to quality. The authority of the linking site (page rank) as well as how relevant the site and its topics are to your own site topic. Focusing on links which provide page rank and relevance will produce higher rankings much quicker.

In contrast, using a strategy of building links in volume from sites which are not relevant will not produce the desired results. Low quality links which have little to no page rank and are irrelevant to your own site will have far less of an impact on your sites ranking.

Quality Not Quantity

Ranking Factors