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Distributing unique quality content will significantly increase your link indexing rates.

The most important part of the SEO process is being able to get your newly created links indexed within Google and there are a number of different factors which will impact how quickly a page with your residing link will be indexed. One factor which is within your control is the quality and uniqueness of the content which you choose to distribute when creating new links to your own sites and pages. Quite simply, the more unique the content is, the more likely it is to be indexed by Google and any other search engine.

Being able to create new links on pages which get indexed more quickly than others will help you significantly in ranking quicker for your target keywords, as your new links will be indexed quicker. Don’t forget that only indexed links within Google will impact your sites ranking. So using a tool such as Article Builder and combining it with GSA SER to distribute unique content across high PR sites will be the most powerful way to rank your sites as all new links will be indexed more quickly. Your links will also be coming from high pr sites which Google still loves, even after Penguin and Panda! The current Google page rank of the domain will tell you how much Google still loves the site!

The daily limit is quite generous, especially for those with single sites. But when using it with GSA SER, the daily limit can be very quickly exhausted if you are a power user. You will need to plan your campaigns carefully and select to spin up to 5 articles together rather than the maximum 20 articles together, to make your daily allowance last. Although spinning 20 articles together will produce far more unique content and certainly increase the likelihood of the published content being indexed naturally. In most cases using 5 spun articles will be more than sufficient if you are using the campaign once and not recycling it again and again.

In addition to the 400 quota via api, you also get an extra 400 quota via the member’s dashboard which can also be used in campaigns or for publishing content to your website. So technically it is 800 articles per day and not 400!

400 Articles Per Day

The ability to request your own topics to be added as a future category is made possible from within your account. The likelihood of the category being made available will solely depend upon the number of votes received from other existing users. The more votes made and the more popular the niche is, the more likely it is to be added.

Request Your Own Topic

If you already use GSA SER then you will have noticed the options for creating articles using article builder. This enables your content to be generated straight from your account when setting up campaigns via your api key. You can fine tune the settings by choosing how many articles to create as well as how many articles to combine which will increase the uniqueness of each published article.

GSA SER Integrated

Wide Range Of Niches

The most popular niches are already included with the ability to request more.

Although the content that is created is not keyword specific, it does cover many of the mainstream niches which the existing users have requested to be included. The more requests which are received each month, the more categories that are continually added to the system. You can of course use notepad or any other text editor which has a find and replace feature to very quickly optimise your content for your specific keyword. This is a very simple way of using the system to create keyword specific content which is highly spun and also reads very well.

The generated content will be very tips based and will read like a series of paragraphs have been combined together. This is to be expected from any tool or service which automates or spins content together from many different sources. Although every source article is unique in itself and has been hand written by the article builder team of writers, when the articles are spun together within the user dashboard, it will create different paragraphs from different sections of content which still produces a unique and very readable article. The downside is that the newly produced article does not flow like a story, instead it reads like a series of related tips.

The content is still good enough to use as tier 1 links as it will read very well and also be very unique, which means that any publications onto high PR sites will be indexed naturally very quickly. You may however prefer to use this content as tier 2 links to point links at your tier 1 links which you may have created by hand yourself! You can also add your own Wordpress blog and have the service auto post unique content on a schedule which you control by setting up an auto posting job.

For the power users who exhaust the daily limit quite quickly, you can purchase additional quota for your account. Although your daily allowance of 400 articles will always be there, there will be times when you run a turbo campaign and you reach your daily limit midway through campaign set up. By purchasing additional quota for your account, you can avoid those situations and never worry about not being able to use the service by having a backup of additional quota. It will only be used when your daily allowance is used up.

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Article Builder

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