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About Me

“ I quit my full time job as I was fed up with the extra hours with no extra pay…Now I work for myself running my own website businesses online …”

My Background

I have studied and worked in retail since the age of 17, having graduated with a BA Hons Retail Management Degree from The London Institute. I have held Store Manager positions across a range of retail environments and sectors such as furniture, variety store, mobile communications, electrical and automotive to mention a few. These businesses were successful multi-million pound turnover stores which I enjoyed managing. But looking to the future, I did not want to be still working for someone else at the age of 50, and certainly not for the same salary.

Reasons For Change

I knew that I had to make drastic changes in my life if I wanted to be earning more money than I was. My full time job was clearly a dead end job with no bright prospects for the future. So, I began my journey by resigning my Store Manager position, and began to study web design, SEO, affiliate marketing and many other marketing strategies online. SEO seemed to be the only one which would yield long term results at a relatively low cost.

The Present

I currently run my own online businesses with multiple computers and vps to help me automate SEO processes that would normally take a handful of employees to complete. Aside from the benefits of being my own boss and having no limits on my potential earnings. I also have the freedom to make my own decisions with regards to my work life as well as my personal life allowing me to live the lifestyle that most people stuck in 9 to 5 employment could only dream of. I can start a new business in any niche of my choosing any time I like applying the same SEO processes to grow the business increasing my monthly income further.

Initially, I had no knowledge of web design, SEO or even affiliate marketing. But, if you are willing to read and learn new information, you can very quickly become skilled at web design and SEO. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection. All good software tools will come with their own training videos.

No Prior Experience Needed

The key to being successful with SEO is knowledge and understanding. The nature of the Internet is frequently changing, so keeping in touch with these changes will be very important. Otherwise, you will get left behind by your competition.

Focus On Learning

The opportunities for new online businesses is unlimited. With billions of users creating new untapped markets every single day, the future of online retail is certainly set to continue to grow.

The Future

Avoid The 9 to 5 Trap

Following society’s approach will land most individuals into a job that pays very little and takes at least 40 hours a week of ones life.

Many individuals will either be in a job which pays them not enough money, or with the current state of the economy, will be unemployed. The welfare system as well as the current government systems for getting individuals back into work are clearly failing as unemployment figures continue to rise. The recession continues to hit most businesses and almost every week there are news stories of more lay offs and redundancies.

So, the question is, do you continue to follow the structure which society has laid out for everyone, or do you break free from this by taking matters into your own hands? Becoming an entrepreneur and creating your own successful business will require self motivation, determination and persistence. It will not happen overnight. But, with guidance and knowledge, combined with an understanding of a number of different processes, creating new profitable businesses online from the comfort of your own home can very soon become a reality.

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