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Ultimate Demon

Setting up a new campaign within Ultimate Demon is seriously quick.

The time taken to create a new link building task within Ultimate Demon for any of the different platforms of sites is made very quick and easy. The mundane tasks of creating your own profiles and email accounts is completely automated by the software. You just enter your site details and content and let the software take care of the rest. Cloning new tasks makes duplicating campaigns as simple as clicking a couple of buttons. Extracting published urls is done automatically within the software. All of your published urls are pinged automatically for you, ensuring that they get crawled by the search engines. In fact, when you combine this tool with an unlimited source of unique content such as Article Builder, then it becomes extremely easy to distribute unique content and gain powerful indexed links far more quickly than ever before.

The user interface has been designed to minimize the amount of work needed to set up a single campaign. The process of creating a single campaign can be tedious with most tools, but this software has been organised to function with minimal user input. Creating a new campaign can all be done within minutes. Multiple campaigns and schedules can be run simultaneously at up to 60 threads! The new link tree feature will build multiple tiers of links with automation.

Smooth Workflow

Being in control of all of your links will make the process of ranking your web pages far easier and quicker. Influencing your links by building more tiers to them and indexing them by powering them up with bookmarks and rss modules can only be done if you know where all of your links are. The built in link extractor runs automatically with extra options for running live link checks from within the software. You should still run these links through Backlink Monitor to ensure you keep track of all of your tiers of links.

Full Url Reporting

The costs of running multiple campaigns can quickly mount up with the ongoing cost of captcha being the biggest expense of all. The most popular captcha solving services have been integrated within the software and it also supports the GSA Captcha Breaker which is a desktop captcha solving tool. It will solve hundreds of captcha’s automatically at no extra cost, but it is still unable to break Google’s own Re Captcha images.

Captcha Solving Built In

Multi Platform Support

Harvest your own sites and build your own custom database of new link sources.

As the software supports multiple platforms for self added sites, you can build your own database of niche specific sites using the built in site harvester and different site footprints. Remember that the key to ranking in any search engine is to make your website appear to be popular. Having diversity in your link sources will help to create this web popularity. Making sure that you use the built in scheduler to spread your campaigns over days and weeks will ensure that your site’s popularity will be continuously growing within the eyes of the search engines.

Each platform will provide its own benefit to your sites ranking and popularity. The Web 2.0 sites are supported by Elgg and more recently JCow, which are 2 very popular social networking platforms. There are millions of them within Google’s search engine index alone. These make great tier 1 links where you can position the link within the text of your blogs, making the link contextual. The article and bookmarking modules are equally as powerful as the supported platforms allow for thousands of sites to be harvested and added into the software. Far more sites than SEnukeXCr has ever had within it’s ever changing database!

Bookmarking your links is simply a case of pasting in your live links and selecting a few options. The additional support for Wiki sites will really help you to grow your database, as these sites are in the millions with many thousands having very high page rank.. There is also support for self add forum platforms which will give you access to many more link sources, as long as you spend the time harvesting and adding them into the software.

The cost of this software will surprise you. With 2 payment options for monthly  ($47/month) or one time fee licensing ($397), it is priced far lower than any “worthy” competing software. It is however, far more powerful than any of its rivals allowing you to achieve results in rankings with far less effort and expense.

Flexible Pricing

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