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Google Rank Checker

Monitoring your keyword positions in the SERPS allows you to see the impact of your SEO efforts.

Keeping an eye on what the search engines are doing with your rankings is vital to understanding which of your link building campaigns are working and which of them are the most effective. The ultimate goal in SEO is to achieve number one position in the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages) for all of your target keywords.

Not knowing where you rank for any given keyword for any search engine will leave you managing your business blind. You will not be able to see which of your keywords are driving the most traffic to your site. More importantly though, you will not be able to see which of your links are providing the most value to your rankings. Understanding this will allow you to focus your efforts in the right areas of your SEO strategy.

Unlike many online rank tracker services, this desktop software has no limits. You can set up as many projects as you like for entire websites or even individual tier 1 links, with no limits on the number of keywords and number of search engines to check against. To ensure accurate tracking of your urls and keywords, it is highly recommended to NOT configure proxies within the software. Unless they are private proxies or shared private proxies. Public proxies get blocked by Google very quickly and will lead to inaccurate reporting of your rankings.

No Limits

You can track your competitors and their changes in rankings for your target keywords, whilst running checks on your own projects. You can add multiple urls from multiple competitors and the data is represented in graphical form and tabular form. This makes it even easier to understand the progress you are making in relation to your competitors as you can monitor your changes in rank, as well as theirs. This data helps in identifying if a change in ranking affected only your domain or an entire keyword market due to an algorithm change.

Competitor Rank Tracker

The software comes configured with the main search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo with the respective locations for UK, US, Canada and Australia. You can however still add your own search engines into the software! This means that you can track your rankings for any localised version of Google to track local results in any country around the world. The software has a built in search engine template editor and template test tool to ensure that your modifications are working correctly.

Add Search Engines

Understand SERPS Movement

Rankings will go up and down. It is best to understand why this is and not react to changes.

Most newbies will get scared when they first start to track their rankings. This is hardly surprising if you’ve never experienced the Google dance. Rankings will change frequently and it is almost impossible to say why you have the rankings that you do. But they will always be directly related to the number of indexed links you have pointing to your money site across all of your tiers. Monitoring your indexed links is a great way of understanding why your rankings are going up and down. What the other competing sites in your niche are doing will also impact your rankings. You are all competing for the number one spot, so Google will continuously be changing the positions of sites in the SERP’s depending on their own algorithm as well as each sites on page and off page SEO ranking factors.

You will see some very strange things happening to your rankings once you begin to monitor them every day. The more movement you see the better! Each change in position simply reflects the reassessment of your keyword rankings. The infamous Google dance can make your ranking page disappear from the SERP’s for several weeks. This is quite normal and nothing to be alarmed about. In the interim, they will rank other pages from your site for your target keyword, whilst their algorithm decides where to position your ranking page based on the on page and off page SEO factors. Using a tool such as Rank Reporter will allow you to see these dramatic changes in ranking for all of your keywords. Monitor your rankings to better understand them, but don’t react unnecessarily.

The most important feature of the software is the built in scheduler which also emails reports to an address of your choice, once you have configured your email settings. Ideal for emailing reports to yourself as well as clients. Scheduling your rank checks will free up your own time. By default, the software is designed to perform rank checks very slowly to avoid your ip address being blocked by Google for sending multiple queries too quickly from the same ip address. Scheduling your checks to run daily at different hours of the day will enable you to still have all of your projects checked every 24 hours whilst still maintaining the accuracy in reporting.

Built In Scheduler

Rank Reporter 3

Essential Add Ons

EZ Proxies

Buy Proxies

Proxy Hub

For best results when using Rank Reporter, it is highly recommended to invest into private proxies as this will allow each keyword to be checked using its own proxy, minimising the chances of Google blocking each rank check.