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You need to know where all of your back links are so that you can track your link building efforts. Checking for live links and the indexed status of links are crucial to the SEO process.

There are only 3 features which I look for when deciding to invest into the best link building tools and services online.

Full Url Reporting

The quality of the sites in terms of relevance to your own niche and the Google Page Rank of each domain play a very important role in expediting your increases in ranking.

Quality Database Of Sites

Some software tools will have hidden running costs that may not be obvious at first. Captcha solving costs and ongoing monthly subscription costs are two of the worst ones to look out for.

Running Costs

Micro Niche Finder

Micro Niche Finder is the recommended keyword tool for quickly finding low competition highly searched exact match keyword phrases in closely related groups. Perfect for building very diverse keyword anchor texts which will deliver traffic.

The best niche keyword generator for Google.

SEO Tools And Software

“My top SEO tools for online marketing through the analysis and reporting of backlinks. Managing your backlinks is essential to the rankings of your website in Google and Bing.”


Using public proxies to submit content with any link building tool will lead to high failure rates. The VPN will rotate your IP address during submissions which leads to far higher success rates on account creations and submissions.

The best VPN with scheduled changing of IP.

EZ Proxies

Tasks such as indexed link checks, page rank checks and site harvesting all require proxies that can rotate with each request to Google. Although private proxies will produce the best results, shared private proxies are a cheaper alternative.

Proxies are essential for tools which access Google.

Article Builder

Unique hand written content can be generated within a couple of clicks. The API can also connect this service to GSA SER to generate campaigns automatically via the turbo wizard. It can also auto post to any wordpress blog that you own.

An online tool that creates quality unique content.


It’s primary use is to harvest for new sites across any platform using footprints but is also a very powerful poster. Works best with an additional subscription to their proxy service which provides unlimited proxies every second.

The most powerful site scraper and poster

Backlink Monitor

This is the only tool which can check and filter live and dead links from any of your tiers with no limits on projects, keywords or links! Identify your most powerful links that are indexed, high in PR, do follow, have the right keyword as anchor text with low obls and build more links to them.

Backlink management tool for the analysis of links.

Greencloud VPS

To achieve the best performance, running seo tools on a virtual provate server is recommended. You get access to 1gbps internet speeds as well as 8gb ram and quad core processors with the SEO4 package.

Hardware optimized for running seo tools

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Express Indexer

Express Indexer is the most affordable automated way to quickly get up to 70% of your submitted links indexed after 10 days. Indexing rates continue to rise as time goes on. The api key also connects to GSA SER to allow auto submission of newly created links.

The only indexing service worth paying to use.

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Sitemap Creator

Creating a custom domain of your backlinks combined with the sitemap creator, a 100% link crawlng rate by Google and Bing on all of your backlinks can be easily achieved. It will also create sitemaps of your pages, images and videos on an unlimited number of websites.

An essential tool for bulk indexing links with no limits.

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Rank Reporter

Tracking your rankings daily on a schedule is essential to monitoring the impact of any link building campaigns and link indexing efforts. This is the only way to know for sure which strategies are more effective than others.

Track rankings with no limits on keywords or sites.

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GSA Search Engine Ranker

Ideal for creating huge link diversity and automatically building thousands of links from all over the Internet from multiple platforms. For best results, use in conjunction with GSA Captcha Breaker.

Most recommended link building software.

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