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Senuke XCr

The most powerful all in one SEO automation software on the market.

SEnukeXCr is the most powerful SEO software available, which produces results in ranking very quickly when used correctly. The high PR database of sites across multiple platforms is the main reason why this software is far more expensive than any other tool on the market. New sites across different platforms are frequently added and removed rotating the database of sites and sources of new links regularly. Being able to automate the building of multiple tiers whilst also checking for dead links from the tiers below is completely automated with the new toolbox link checker feature. Although the software supports captcha sniper and the most popular captcha solving services, there are still almost 400 sites within the database which do not require captcha solving. This means that you can create multi tier links across high pr sites on different platforms at no extra cost.

Creating links from sites which have a high page rank (PR) is essential to creating rises in rankings more quickly in Google. A single high page rank link is far more valuable than thousands of links from sites with low page rank. This is how Google measures website popularity and trust across the internet by labelling each site with its own page rank on a scale of 0 -10. Only a handful of sites have PR 10. The database of the software will produce links across PR0 - PR9 sites.

High PR Database

Creating you own strategy template is extremely quick and easy as long as you know how to click and drag with your mouse! The Diagram Designer can be found within the main installation folder of the software and is a separate application to the main software. Any custom created templates should be saved to the “Templates” folder (found in the same folder) for use with the standard wizard and Turbo Wizard.

Diagram Designer

The newest addition to the software is the Turbo Wizard which completely automates the creation of any campaign which you have a strategy template for. You only need to enter your target urls, keywords and tags. Select the source of content, either low quality or Article Builder. Select your template, choose the number of profiles to use, and the duration of the campaign with start date and time. Then click “Create Campaign”.  It really does not get any easier and quicker than this!

Turbo Wizard

Design Your Own Template

Create your own custom designed linking templates and execute them within 2 minutes.

The diagram designer is a feature which has always been unique to SEnuke, with a number of competitors trying to copy this feature. Although the software does come with its own set of free strategy templates, it is recommended to design and use your own custom linking patterns to avoid leaving any traces of easy footprints to be found by the search engines. Adding variety to each of your campaigns will help significantly with the results you produce. Changing the templates, along with your urls, keywords, network ip address and link sources are just a handful of things that one can do to mimic the natural growth of links to your site.

There are 4 recommendations to consider when creating your own templates:

  1. Using content based modules, such as the Article Directory, Social Network, PDF, Press Release and Wiki modules as your tier 1 link will be the most effective strategy, as unique content is more easily and quickly indexed.
  2. Using profile links such as forums and web 2.0 profiles are better served for linking to tier 1 links to pass link juice and make the tier 1 links more powerful. Although any module can be used as a tier 2 link.
  3. For indexing purposes, the Pinger, Rss, Indexer and Social Bookmarking modules should be used to link to modules which you wish to get indexed. Although, the Social Bookmarking module can also be effective as a tier 1 link to provide the “social” element to your money site urls.
  4. Use the toolbox connected to every module that you build more links to so that any dead links can be automatically removed by the software before building the next tier of links.

Another new feature is the support for macros which allows you to program the software to work with any site on the internet, creating custom scripts. You don’t need to be a programmer either, but will need to practise using the feature to familiarise yourself with the different options for selecting each field correctly. Use it once for the account creation. Use it again for the submission process. The scripts can be shared amongst all users through the scripts portal.

Macro Recorder

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SEnuke XCr: Download Now!
SEnuke XCr: Download Now!

Essential Add Ons

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Create a bullet proof Vpn using your own private proxies: Proxifier

Automatically generate unique quality content: Article Builder or The Leading Articles

Never run out of Hotmail accounts again: Bulk Email Accounts or Super HAC

Remove non working sites from the default site list: Blacklist Cleaner

Automatically solve captchas: GSA Captcha Breaker + Mega Ocr (Solves Recaptcha!)

Check, manage and organize all of your links from every tier: Backlink Monitor

Automate the indexing of your live links: Express Indexer (up to 70% Indexing rate)

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