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Proxies Vs HMA VPN

Using a proxy or a VPN will each serve different purposes depending on what you’re trying to do.

Deciding whether proxies are best or using a VPN with your SEO software will be dependant upon which tool you are using and what it is that you are trying to achieve. For any online submissions with link building tools such as SEnukeXCr and Ultimate Demon, using a VPN will produce the best results in terms of higher success rates and a better masking of your online submissions. As the VPN rotates its IP address on a schedule which you control, each of your submissions with these tools will appear to have been made from someone in a different part of the world to your actual physical location. A good VPN will have a choice of locations from all over the world and will also provide hundreds of different IP’s. The IP addresses used in VPN’s are far stronger than those provided by a public proxy provider. By strength I refer to how many submissions you can make with a single IP address before it is blocked by a search engine. Public proxies will get blocked far more quickly, as everyone has access to them and frequently abuse them!

The VPN by Hide My Ass is the best VPN client on the market and the only one worth using. It changes your IP address on a schedule for you which allows tools such as SEnukeXCr and Ultimate Demon to run seamlessly, ensuring that the effort you have put into creating your campaigns yield the maximum results from your submissions. Hiding your actual IP and masking it with a variety of other IP addresses will make your link building efforts look more natural as site owners will see submissions taking place from many different locations.

Best Open VPN Software

Any tasks which involve doing index checks and page rank checks on your links, harvesting new sites from search engines or even simply checking your current rankings for hundreds of different keywords will all require proxies, and a heck of a lot of them! Proxy Multiply solves the problem of harvesting and testing your own public proxies, allowing you to copy and paste fresh working anonymous and elite proxies into any of your SEO Tools as and when you need them. Although this is a cheaper alternative to using private proxies, it will not produce the best results as they can and will get blocked by Google very quickly.

Cheaper Alternative

Private proxies provide the best alternative to using public proxies which are harvested from public proxy sites. As the name suggests, private proxies are “private”, so you will be the only one using them. The speeds available can go as high as 1gbps although the more affordable ones are still very fast at 100mbps. The only downside is their ongoing monthly cost. They are extremely expensive and paying for the privilege of using even 20 dedicated private proxies can cost you as much as $59.97 per month! An affordable alternative are semi-private (shared) proxies which are shared amongst a small number of users. They still offer great speeds at a lower monthly cost.

Private Proxies

When To Use Proxies

Proxies are best used in tools which query the Google server repeatedly and frequently.

Proxies are best used with tools such as Scrapebox, Backlink Monitor and Rank Reporter. These tools query Google’s server quite frequently which can get a single IP banned very quickly. Being able to rotate through hundreds of different proxies, allows these tools to function properly and run their queries much faster. A VPN used with these tools will not be able to change the IP address quickly enough and will get your IP blocked after a few hundred requests to Google. This is the time to be using proxies and having a tool such as Proxy Multiply will give you access to hundreds of fresh working anonymous and elite proxies at anytime of the day with no monthly recurring costs.

As this tool runs on your desktop and automatically harvests and test for working proxies, you will be able to  copy and paste the proxies straight into your desktop tools. As these are harvested public proxies, the speed and strength of them are not very good, which is to be expected as they are harvested from websites which provide them publicly for free!

If you are in need of faster stronger proxies, investing into private proxies will provide much better performance to your seo tools as most good private proxies will offer speeds between 100mbps and 1gbps and also allow for multiple threads to be run with no deterioration in performance. These do have monthly recurring costs but also ensure that your proxies will always be working.

These services will be worth trying as they offer fast and affordable shared private proxies:

Buy Proxies - A fast shared private proxy provider with no restrictions on use. Great for tools which can generate abuse complaints such as GSA, SenukeXcr and Xrumer.

Proxy Hub - Fast shared private proxies with no restrictions. Dead proxy replacement guarantee which work great in all link building tools such as SenukeXcr, GSA, Ultimate Demon and Xrumer.

Proxifier - A desktop software which allows you to add your own private proxies and set any tool to use a random proxy with each new connection. Using the above 2 services will allow you to have your own vpn whilst using a custom list of bullet proof proxies which have no restrictions!

Shared Private Proxies