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You will only see an increase in rankings once your newly built link is indexed by Google

Building new links by following the Off Page SEO Factors is only a fraction of the SEO process. A websites ranking can only increase once the search engine is aware of its web popularity. The number of links which your site has is the indication of its web popularity.

However, if Google is unaware of your newly built links, then it will have no reason to increase your website rankings accordingly. The process of finding your link is called “link crawling” but the vital final step is when Google indexes your page which holds your link into their search engine results or index. Likewise, by focusing on getting new links from websites which are already indexed by Google will be one step in ensuring that your new link will have a chance of being crawled and indexed. If the domain is indexed, then any new page created on the domain is also an indexable link source.

Obtaining links from websites which are NOT in Google's search engine index will have no impact on your rankings as Google will see no increase in your links and hence no increase in your web popularity. For similar reasons, if you are focusing on ranking in Bing, then it will make sense to get links from sites which ARE in Bing’s search engine index.

Packages and pricing start from as low as $16.99 per month to index 15,000 links which is an incredible number of links. You can submit your links at anytime during the month to make use of your credits allowance and any unused credits are automatically rolled over to the following month.

As the service is so effective at indexing a high percentage of your links very quickly, it is recommended to be careful with your tier 1 submissions as they will appear in Google’s index within days. It is recommended to use a 7 day drip feed option for gradual indexing of your tier 1 links.

Staggering your tier 1 submissions each day and every other day is the best and safest method as this will mimic a continuous growth of new tier 1 links each week.

For tier 2, 3 and any other tiers of links, you can submit them as quickly as you like for rapid indexing. The links point to many different urls which is why drip feeding your tiers is not necessary. You can still use the drip feed option to allow a continuous growth of links across your tiers.

Express Indexer

Indexing Strategy

Pinging a link will only bring the Google Bot to your link. It will NOT guarantee link indexing.

Common misconceptions amongst SEO’s will leave many newbies believing that simply pinging a link will increase your website rankings. This simply is not true! Pinging is a way of sending your link to other online services who share your link with other syndication services. The process of pinging can get your link found very quickly. But this should not be confused with the process of indexing. Link crawling services such as Linklicious, Lindexed and Indexification are not indexing services and can only guarantee a 100% link crawl rate. None of these services make any guarantees to indexing any of your links.

The quickest and most affordable way to get a high number of links indexed very quickly is to use Express Indexer. It uses a very unique method to quickly index up to 70% of your submitted links after 10 days of submission. This is amongst the highest of indexing rates in the industry from any link indexing service. A small percentage of your links will be indexed immediately and after 10 days, you will see more and more of your links becoming indexed. You can use the service for any indexable link from any tier, be it a profile link, or a content based link, you will see similar results.


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