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If you fail to perform your keyword research correctly, then your entire SEO campaign will fail.

Keyword research is the starting point for creating any new business online. It will help you to identify the exact keyword phrases people are searching for in Google. Using the right SEO Tools, you will be able to analyse the search volumes in a particular country and balance this against how competitive that keyword phrase will be in achieving a number one ranking in Google.

By doing this first, you will be able to plan the structure of your site focusing on the on page SEO factors that count by building an individual page for each separate keyword phrase. You will be able to predict just how many visitors will be visiting your site with each number one ranking in Google. The analysis of the competition will allow you to assess just how much off page SEO work will need to be done, which in essence is all about how many links you will need to build to compete in that keyword market.

Focusing on broad match search volumes is a very inaccurate way of predicting how much traffic your site will receive with a number one ranking in Google. Focusing on keywords with good exact match searches will be a far more accurate way of predicting keywords which will deliver traffic with your number one ranking. With experience, you will learn how to target both exact and broad match phrases, delivering you even more traffic to your site.

Broad Match Vs Exact Match

Analysing the top 10 competing sites for your target keyword phrase is essential. This will reveal just how competitive your keyword phrase really is. By breaking down the top 10 sites in Google by the most important SEO ranking factors will enable you to picture how hard or easy a keyword will be to compete with. Tools such as Market Samurai and Keyword Canine can provide a very easy and quick way to view the competition of the top 10 competing sites.

SEO Competition Analysis

Using any software tool which accesses Google servers frequently will result in your IP address being blocked and temporarily being banned. This will bring all good software tools to a halt! So the one tool which I invested into which allows me to overcome this problem is Hide My Ass Pro VPN. It is a desktop software which runs in the background encrypting your entire Internet network. You can schedule the changing of IP addresses or simply click a button to change your location within a few seconds. This enables me to get the results from my SEO Tools as and when I need them, avoiding the IP ban.

Protect Your IP Address

Common Mistakes

Choosing over competitive keywords is a common mistake which failing marketers often make.

A common mistake made by many online marketers is to pick keywords which are simply far too competitive. I am guilty of having done the same and in my case it was the desire to want to rank for keywords which had very high search volumes. The problem with this strategy is that if you fail to get to number one in Google, then you will receive no traffic to your site. Being realistic with your keyword choice is very important. So choosing keywords which you know you can compete with will lead to your business being successful as you will be able to achieve that number one ranking and hence receive the targeted visitors associated with that keyword search.

Your own SEO Tools and resources will dictate how competitive a term you can compete with. If your analysis of a keyword reveals that the number one site has 1000 links pointing to it, then you know that you will need to build a similar volume of links in order to compete. Using software such as GSA SER will make competing with most sites far simpler as the supported platforms combined will have a database of sites in the thousands! Combined with the fact that this automation tool allows you to build links from many different link sources with different IP addresses, different page rank values as well as different link types, hopefully you will begin to understand why I recommend this software tool to anyone involved in SEO. By running just one campaign on your site, it will perform many of the off page SEO elements with automation.

Micro Niche Finder is the best SEO keyword research tool for Google. Being very newbie friendly, it makes it easy to dig into a niche to find very closely related terms with low competition. This makes setting up a new site in a niche much easier. The inbuilt competition analysis is colour coded like a traffic light system, making the process of analysis very quick and easy. If you are a newbie, then you should start by targeting keywords that have a strength of competition (SOC) of green. Gain experience of ranking these terms number one in Google first. Then with more experience and confidence you can start to focus on keywords which have a SOC of yellow and practice ranking these terms number one in Google. Then finally you can start to compete with the “big boys and girls” and go after keywords with SOC of red.

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