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Backlink Monitor V4

Check links across multiple tiers with full SEO metrics on automation.

The latest release of Backlink Monitor Version 4 includes a huge number of upgrades to an already powerful SEO link analysis tool. The new version will only be a free upgrade for existing users of version 3 that have purchased within the last 6 months. You can upgrade through this link.

On the reporting side you will notice new visual graphics for an easier interpretation of your websites linking profile. Backlinks are automatically identified by category and organized by link type: profile, article directory, bookmark, wiki or web 2.0 link. Detailed reporting on the SEO metrics for all of the links from every tier with full colour graphs and pie charts is made possible with the all new Link Profile Visualizer.

The speed of the software has been significantly increased from 25 threads to 100 threads, making the link checking process for any project extremely quick. The projects are much easier to organize with the new folder management system which allows you to create an unlimited number of projects, folders and subfolders.

The new API support for SEOMOZ and Ahrefs for importing backlinks for any website url is a great feature for finding those links that you didn't know existed. You can also use this feature on your competitors website urls to see which of their links are helping them to rank in Google. You will be able to reverse engineer the linking profile of any website you choose using a free or paid api account from SEOMOZ or Ahrefs, extracting links from any of your competitors tiers and analyse the SEO metrics such as page rank, anchor text, follow status, obl's, link type and indexed status.

Import Backlinks

Once you have run a project and filtered the links by tier, the software will automatically categorize every link according to its own list of link types. This helps when filtering links and identifying all of your profile links or all of your web 2.0 links, making the planning of multi tier campaigns more focused.

The Link Profile Visualizer will graphically show a summary for all link types, anchor text breakdown, and domain and page PR for all inbound links to any url within your project. Click on a different url within your project and the visualizer will instantly change to show the new statistics. The graphical representation makes it much easier to see the linking profile of any url which has links pointing to it, allowing you to balance your link types and anchor text diversity when planning further campaigns.

Link Profile Visualizer

For those SEO's that are power users, you will appreciate the increase in thread count from the previous 25 threads to a maximum of 100 threads. This makes any task that is performed within the software 4x faster than it previously was. You will notice the difference in speed and so will your computer! You will need a powerful PC to be able to run the software at its maximum speed with other applications running simultaneously. The slider control will allow you to adjust the number of threads according to your PC performance.

Supports 100 Threads

Built In Selection Tool

Laser target any link from any tier with the new selection tool.

The new selection tool has had a few more options added, making the laser targeting of links even more precise. The type of link may be filtered if you wanted to identify your web 2.0 links which were indexed, do follow, tier 1 with a domain pr of 4, for example.

The * symbol can be used as a wildcard when applying the anchor text filter, combined with any of the other filters. There are 3 possibilities when using the * symbol. If your campaign was targeting the keyword phrase: seo backlink checker, using the following:

The most effective way to use the selection tool would be to filter your tier 1 links which are indexed, do follow, low obls, high domain PR with the necessary variation of your target keyword in the anchor text. Then plan new campaigns to build more tiers of links to these filtered links. Ranking increases will occur as soon as the live links from all of your tiers become indexed within Google.

The new folder management feature allows you to create an unlimited number of projects with folders and sub folders to keep each of your linking projects in order. Having one main project for all of your links from all of your tiers will be essential, as this single project will show the entire SEO picture for a single website. Label this project "All Tiers" and put it inside a folder with the name of your website. Then create a series of projects labeling them PR6+, PR5, PR4, PR3 and even PR2 and store your tier 1 links with these corresponding domain PR values. Organising individual projects in this way will help you to keep track of your most powerful links. Run separate campaigns on these links to make your high pr links more powerful.

New Folder Management

Backlink Monitor 3

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